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The Intelligencer August 11th Empty The Intelligencer August 11th

Post by Harvey Lliphgald on Thu Aug 11, 2011 1:20 am

Disapearances Continue (pg 1)

Just three months from the unexplained disapearance of four unfortunate locals another goes missing. Investigators wouldn't release much information but it is believed that a waitress at Fonzzi Bar was the individual who was taken. Police leads could only express that they had a prime suspect but as of yet could not locate them.


Mysterious Outage (pg 2)

Nearly 2,300 American Electric Power customers lost power for almost two hours Wednesday within Center and South Wheeling, the northern edge of McMechen and in Benwood.

Dave Wheeler, a spokesman for AEP, said an equipment failure shorted out two circuits at the company's South Wheeling substation.


Air pollution potential from drilling process faces opposition (pg 6)

Regulators and lawmakers from Ohio and West Virginia are looking to join federal officials in cracking down on air pollution that may be emitted from natural gas drilling sites.

As drilling in the Marcellus and Utica Shale formations proliferates throughout Ohio, the Buckeye State's Environmental Protection Agency is working to determine what, if any, air pollution requirements apply to well-site operations in the oil and gas industry.

West Virginia:
Wetzel County Action Group members have long complained about certain fumes and emissions from drilling pads and compressor stations, so member Bill Hughes hopes the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection will receive direction from the state Legislature.
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