The Inelligencer March 31, 2012 (paper)

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The Inelligencer March 31, 2012 (paper) Empty The Inelligencer March 31, 2012 (paper)

Post by Harvey Lliphgald on Sun Apr 01, 2012 2:37 am

Bomb Threat Clears School Buildings (pg 1)

March 28, 2012

ST. CLAIRSVILLE, OH - City Police Chief Martin Kendzora said students should expect their bags to be checked upon their arrival at school today because a threatening note was found in a middle school restroom Tuesday. He said school officials evacuated the high school, middle school and elementary school about 1:30 p.m. All students were taken to Red Devil Stadium and were later dismissed.

Superintendent Walt Skaggs confirmed a hand-written note containing a bomb threat was discovered in a boys' restroom at the middle school near the end of the school day. He declined to reveal details of the note but said students in grades pre-kindergarten through 12 were evacuated as a result.

"We found the note, had no idea who wrote it and went right to our evacuation plan," Skaggs said. "I would like to commend the staff, local law enforcement and the Cumberland Trail Fire Department for all their help. We also appreciate the parents' patience and cooperation under these difficult circumstances."

This marks the third public school bomb threat over the past four months. Prior reports include North Bethesda Middle School late last month and Cambridge Elementary a few short weeks before that. Officials believe it to be a copycat prank as no evidence of explosives have been found.


Loco Locals (pg 2)

March 31, 2012

WHEELING, WV - Almost two dozen arrests were made durring the breakup of a local gang shooting late Saturday evening. Many high powered firearms were seized leaving local authorities shaking their heads as they cleared the scene.

According to police, they responded to the 40 block of 29th Street in Wheeling in regards to a large firefight. Police learned that earlier in the day, two self-proclaimed gang members exchanged words, with one of them telling the other "I'm Mara Salvatrucha - don't mess with me," and threatening to knock his teeth out.

No confirmation on their affiliation with Mara Salvatrucha has been discovered.

In the midst of gaining control over the situation Officer Harris Vanwarren was injured while securing a neighborhood boy's pet dog to safety. Taking minor injuries Vanwarren will need little time to recuperate.
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