The Inelligencer May 25, 2012 (paper)

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The Inelligencer May 25, 2012 (paper) Empty The Inelligencer May 25, 2012 (paper)

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Corruption Has No Boundaries (pg1)

Massive disbelief swept across the public eye as a group of officers where arrested by their co-workers when an accomplice in an on going investigation confessed to conspiring with the accused parties to falsify documents and obstruct other key investigations for an outside influence over the past six months.

Wheeling Police Chief Henry Donavin is committed to rectifying any further infiltration and corruption within his division. “I am personally setting up measures to discourage further dishonesty.”

Internal Affairs is also looking into this matter with possible Justice Department follow up.

((OOC: Every character with Police Influence is temporarily down by 1 till further notice; no one is down to less than 1 dot.))

Dead End (pg2)

ATF are still chasing down leads in the search for Francisco Giovanni aka Franky. Wanted for questioning in the recent circulation of firearms that lead to the shooting weeks ago. "The trail may seem to be drying up but we will apprehend Mr Giovanni."


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