The Inelligencer June 11, 2012 (paper)

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The Inelligencer June 11, 2012 (paper) Empty The Inelligencer June 11, 2012 (paper)

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Washed-Out Property (pg 3)

A local bank pulled the plug on Strait Deal Car Sales today refusing to issue any more loans causing the business to close its doors and liquidate all its property. A WesBanco representative stated they had confirmed the dealership had falsified several loan applications. The sales manager was arrested and charged with multiple counts a fraud and embezzlement. A trial is pending but the prosecutor is convinced it will be a swift case.

One Hit Wonder (pg 4)

Approximately a month after an extremest group of suspected gay vandals left their mark on the Fairmore church in Wheeling no sign has been found to confirm the existence of such a hate group. Gang/activist group analysts concur that if a presence of such a group were mobilizing that they would have taken other action in or around the city by now. Investigating officers are now searching for evidence as to the true identity of the vandals and are working on a solid motive.

Restoration of Old Wheeling Continues (pg 5)

Following through with last year’s debates over many historical buildings in what is referred to as Old Wheeling all businesses have been notified and ordered to relocate as the new zoning took affect this week. The seven small business and ma/pa stores include Sam’s Hobbies, Safe & Healthy Living, Wheeling Armory, Dinner Diner, Mary’s Antiques, Posh Mobile, Brush of Health and The Printer Mage. The affected business owners are frustrated over the decision and have banned together to appeal the rezoning action. They are taking their dispute up to the proper governing department for the third time since the decision passed just eleven months ago.


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