The Intellegencer June 29, 2012 (Paper)

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The Intellegencer  June 29, 2012  (Paper) Empty The Intellegencer June 29, 2012 (Paper)

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Bank Wallets are Thinning (pg 1)

A local resident is being sought for multiple counts of counterfeiting. It was discovered late Wednesday that a forty-eight year old man by the name of John West had been circulating counterfeit bills in various denominations. The reports are still rolling in as the toll currently sits at an amazing $34,048.

Investigators revealed that Mr. West had been strategically trickling the false currency over the last seven years. Expert analysts are baffled at the level of craftsmanship explaining that the dedication of production and sum suggests he had been manufacturing the money several years before distribution. They concluded stating that they suspect he could have easily circulated as much as twelve million dollars into Wheeling and surrounding businesses and is most likely traveling around with somewhere in the line of three million. Many of the cities banks are in a panic as they scurry to authenticate their legal tender.

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Shadows in Wheeling (pg 4)

The IA presence has lightened up although still over our police department’s shoulders occupying resources in Wheeling. “Most of the actions we have taken have been steps to gain and gather information as it unfolds. As we dive deeper into this you can be assured that those individuals orchestrating this are getting antsy. They will slip up. We are watching”

No one cared to comment on how they are gathering their intel, but judging by the equipment on location it’s speculated they are applying a high technological offensive.


Cleaning up Confusion (pg 7)

It was a big relief for the Bright Path church yesterday as they reissued their weekly newsletter. The church is known for its open door policy to any group who wishes to rent space for gatherings of all types. Earlier this week in the events portion of the bulletin was listed a meeting for individuals of the nocturnal persuasion. The typo left the co-ordinations manager quite embarrassed as he explained the word was supposed to be aspire, not vampire. He continued jokingly saying; “Save us all when a church welcomes vampires to congregate on their doorstep.”


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