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Post by Kasey Sloan on Mon Nov 29, 2010 7:19 pm

After a long week of business and sleepless hours due to nightmares, Kasey once again finds herself inside this particular bar, which is quite out of the ordinary for her. She has never been one to frequent bars, but she suddenly feels the inclination to do so now. Why? She needs to relax. She supposes that she could relax in the confines of her own home, but she finds that she cannot escape the nightmares, and opts to visit the only other place in town that she can relax in peace. How very odd that she finds a bar relaxing.

In any case, she sits at a back table twirling a beer bottle idly in her hands while she eyes the patrons of the bar. There are always very interesting people in this bar. She finds it amusing to watch them as they banter on drunkenly about this and that. Some of them begin growling at each other as a particular game of football gets a bit nasty. Others laugh and hoot and hollar at each other. Its the typical bar scene, on any typical night. She continues to twirl the bottle in her hands as she glances about the bar, her mind on nothing in particular, for once. This is nice...
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