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Below is a questionaire that you should copy or write down and fill out for your PC. It will provide a ton of insight for you as a player into the innerworkings of themind of your PC more-so than you've gotten thus far. It's a very helpful tool to use to guide you in the direction of your character and his or her actions. Whenever you get stuck in a slump and bored, pull this back out and read over it again perhaps some of your answers will change over the course of your PC's story, and perhaps you will rediscover a detail or goal you had forgotten and this will help you re-inspire yourself.

Who and what are you?
Marital Status:

How / when were you embraced / went through you first change / became aware of supernatural?

Family Members (list their names, professions, state of mortality, etc.)
Do you have any human family members? Who are they?
What other supernaturals do you consider family?
Who are other people of importance to you?

Upbringing and Hobbies (Tell me a little about yourself)
What was your family life like as a kid?
What was your family's religion, if any? Do you still practice?
What were your hobbies growing up? How did they affect where you are today?
Would your society consider you good or evil and why? Do you agree with this?

Relationships and Location (Some of this section may require discussion between players)
Are you already associated with any of the other players' characters? If so, how?
Have you ever been in love? How did that work out?
Who are your friends?
What is your outlook on the artistic community?
What, if any, exposure to the supernatural have you had?
Where is your favorite place to get a cup of coffee?

Interaction and Conflict (Tell me a little about your recent life)
Who, if anyone, has earned your enmity? Why? (more than one is permitted)
Do you currently have a romantic attachment?

Psychology (answer each question as your character would)
What do you believe in?
Is your glass half empty or half full? What’s in your glass?
Is it better to be loved, respected, or feared?

Annoying Character Generation Questions (“none” is not an acceptable answer)
What is your greatest desire?
What is your greatest success?
What is your greatest fear?
What is your greatest regret?

Complications and Secrets
Tell me about two or three "Complicating Developments" in your character's past, stories about your previous life... things that may seem like nothing, but might mean something you don't necessarily know about:

Tell me your character's biggest secret... (such as the reason River is being hunted or the reason the Alliance seems to bend over backward for Shepherd Book):

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