The Intelligencer April 26th (paper)

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The Intelligencer April 26th  (paper) Empty The Intelligencer April 26th (paper)

Post by Harvey Lliphgald on Tue Apr 26, 2011 5:58 am

Multiple Vanish (pg 1)

A string of missing persons has local PD baffled and scrambling for any leads. All that Deputy Clouston had to say was, “No telling what’s going on out there.” Out of those reported lost includes: Attorney Kyle Weiss, 35, who was last seen leaving his office on 12th Street. Janet Roper, 86, was reported gardening in her own back yard on Chapline Street before her disappearance. Neighbors Daren Olmann, 28, and Madison Sloan, 26, were first to be reported missing haven not returned from a local Nailers hokey game back on the 20th. In an additional upset among those missing is little Riana Dorsey, an infant of five and a half months, her parents are devastated and fear the worst.


Four-Legged Rejoice (pg 7)

Late yesterday evening The Wilds conservation center reported having re-secured their giraffe. Apparently the tame creature had found itself a new home within an apple orchard on the far side of Quaker City some thirty odd miles away. Still no word on the grizzly bear or rhino though many people are hoping for a safe return. Even Jungle Jack Hanna who is visiting The Wilds on Memorial Day has expressed his empathy towards the situation. Please remember, as stated in our earlier article the The Wilds conservation center asks for any help in locating the remaining two animals and urges you not to attempt to capture them on your own. If you have any information on their whereabouts please call the local Ohio county PD first.
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