Grisly Murder on The South East Side

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Grisly Murder on The South East Side Empty Grisly Murder on The South East Side

Post by Admin on Wed Sep 29, 2010 2:58 am

In the early morning hours of Saturday a man was found brutally murdered in his mothers South East Side Residence.
Witnesses say tat at about 1:15 AM a woman in dark clothing broke into the home through a second story window.

The witness claims that the woman shouted something about being a cop, while shoving their window AC unti into the house, she then proceeded to enter the home and pull a gun. Using ziptie handcuffs, she bound the individual and his girlfriend to their bed and proceeded down the hall to where his nephew was sleeping and apparently she let her dog in and ordered it to attack and kill the gentlemans nephew.

No finger prints or any other evidence was found at the scene, though she also apparently stole the family's Rotweiler out of the backyard during her escape.

Law Enforcement Officials are baffled.

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